Why Partner With Swali?

The Swali Investments Group is a company made up of successful advisors and business enthusiasts. Swali Investments is a group of growing brands that are united by an ambition and belief that anything is possible. We have built an environment where ideas are shared, where successes are celebrated and where growth is rewarded.

Join like-minded entrepreneurs who think the way you do. The Swali Investments Group is invested in your success.



What's it like to partner with us?

Swali Investments is a company that invests in individuals that want to start up their own business to grow and become respected competitors in their chosen market.

We look to back and partner up with passionate, ambitious and dedicated people who want to build real capital value for themselves. Not only do we provide the capital required to scale, but you also get access to our successful and experienced team who will support, mentor and advise you in your journey to growing a sustainable and profitable business. If you are a market leader in your industry, please get in touch if you want to start your own new venture.

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The Swali Portfolio

Our Mission

The opportunity to bring exciting new products, services and solutions to give to the market is what drives us.

The Swali Investment team want to offer our guidance along with financial backing to ambitious and determined individuals wanting to take the same steps into business ownership we did many years ago and create successful partnerships between you and Swali Investments.

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